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Plays by Gene Lesser

Sending Postcards - Drama - **** NEW PLAY ****
An actor, a writer and a dancer, in their mid-twenties, struggle to
find their own identities.
4M -32 W
Theatres: For a free check-out copy of the play click here

It's Only Money - Comedy ****NEW PLAY ****
You've lost your job, lost all your savings, your house is foreclosed and you
and your pregnant wife live on the streets. How much more trouble can you be in?
3 M - 3W
Theatres: For a free check-out copy of the play click here

A Cloud of Suspicion - Mystery ****NEW PLAY ****
An ex-student attempts to blackmail a University
professor by
using his daughter.
4M - 2W
Theatres: For a free check-out copy of the play click here

What's The Difference? - Comedy

A rolicking, fun loaded view of today's family structure.
A widowed father and his son, each face the moral
dilema of marrying a woman either too young or too old.

2M - 4W
Theatres: For a free check-out copy of the play click here

Quick'n Ready - 15 Min. Comedy

A new funny, funny 15-Minute comedy - a satirical
look at the pharmaceutical industry's advertising.
Theatres: For a free check-out copy of the play click here

Relationships: 8 Short Plays
1 - BOXES - (10 Minutes) Two men deternine the present is nothing
more than the re-creation of the past.

2 - THE LOST EARRING (15 Minutes) A comedic lesson in how to
pickup a man.

3 - THE PAINTING (10 Minutes)- A young artist waits for a life-changing phone call.

4 - THE SERVICE (15 Minutes) An older woman hires an escort to be her companion
for dinner and the theatre.

5 - ANIMAL (15 Minutes) The live-in girlfriend of an artist learns she
will have to deal with the unexpected.

6 - HEAD SHOT (15 Minutes) An actress, disappointed with
photographs of herself convinces her tough-guy boyfriend to get a
refund of her payment - with comedic results.

7 - THE JAZZ MAN (20 Minutes) A man who tries to help a down and out musician ends up fearing for his life.

8 - FOR RENT (12 Minutes) A woman send her girl friend to rent a room in her ex-boyfriend's apartment - with comedic results.

Quick'n Ready
Relationships: 8 Short Plays (10 to 20 minutes)
What's The Difference?
Tour of Duty
Sending Postcards

The above plays are published by
JAC Publishing and Promotions and are also available on
For a free professional copy of What's The Difference?, A Cloud of Suspicion, Sending Postcards
or Relationships: 8 Short Plays send your name and theatre name to: click here


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